PCF: Dataset Relationships (Linking) in Model-Driven Apps

What do you do when it doesn't seem to be possible to provide the needed data to a dataset PCF? We can bind a dataset PCF to a table, a view or to a subgrid. But maybe you need to consider a table linked to another one-to-many relationship. For instance think to a subgrid, where... Continue Reading →

Async requests inside PCF init and updateView

In quite a few cases, when we develop PCFs we need to make external requests. Even if the runtime provides metadata for the properties we define, sometimes we need some more. Or maybe we need to grab some more data from Dataverse or an external service. One easy way would be to make this requests... Continue Reading →

My Checklist for a Dataset PCF using Fluent UI What I had to take care of, when I've implemented a Dataset PCF using FluentUI (Colorful Opsetionset Grid). #PCF #PowerAppsComponentFramework # PowerApps #Dataset #FluentUI

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