Drag and Drop between PCFs (Canvas Apps, Custom Pages, Model-Driven Forms)

I love the questions that challenges me. One of the latest ones, was about drag&drop inside a Custom Page or a Canvas App. I know about the Power Drag Drop PCF created by Scott Durow, which created a great way to easily drag and drop between collections. But I needed a little more like a... Continue Reading →

Call FetchXml Inside Custom Pages Without Flows – The PCF Way

Recently I was working on a CustomPage and came across the need to be more flexible in fetching data from Dataverse.I needed to call complex fetchXmls and CustomAPIs. For this blog I'll talk only about fetching data, but my solution works also for calling CustomAPIs. For fetching data, the requitement is similar with the one... Continue Reading →

Goodbye HTML Web Resources…

Don’t worry, the HTML web resources for model-driven are not deprecated. I just don’t believe that I will ever make new ones again.  But there is that old problem of ClientGlobalContext deprecation. The ClientGlobalContext is an aspx site which we used to include in every HTML web resource in order to get access to information... Continue Reading →

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