Power Apps Developer Bootcamp 2021 – Tripple “MyFirst”

Last year I've attended the "Power Platform Developer Community & PCF Saturday" (here the recordings from last year) and it was the most intense experience as an attendee I've ever had. Maybe because it was the first time the content was like especially made for me, both as a developer and as a PCF enthusiast.... Continue Reading →

My story behind becoming a Microsoft MVP

This blog won't be a technical one. But while getting ready for my first MVPSummit, I've thought it's the right time to review my path. Who am I? My close friends knows that I don't really enjoy the spotlight. I'm the quiet type, and prefer to let the results speaking for me. I'm not a... Continue Reading →

PCF: getOutputs

The getOutputs method of the PCF components seems pretty self-explaining: (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/developer/component-framework/reference/control/getoutputs) It is called by the framework prior to a component receiving the new data. Returns an object based on nomenclature defined in manifest, expecting objects[s] for the property marked as bound or output. I was a little unsure about the possibility of PCF components to set the... Continue Reading →

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