Let Your Subgrid Dataset PCF Communicate with the Form

The changes inside a dataset PCF used on a subgrid might influence the other information showed on the Model-Driven Apps Forms. It could influence a counter on a form, or another subgrid which happens to show the same records. Then you need to refresh that controls. But using the Xrm object inside a PCF is... Continue Reading →

Disable Async Timeout for Save Events in Model-Driven Forms – Show Dialogs in OnSave

The OnSave event in Model-Driven Forms was one of the events where we couldn't execute asynchronous code, and that stayed that way for a very long time. The only way we could make some requests before saving a record, was to stop the saving process, make the requests and start the saving again. But that... Continue Reading →

Call FetchXml Inside Custom Pages Without Flows – The PCF Way

Recently I was working on a CustomPage and came across the need to be more flexible in fetching data from Dataverse.I needed to call complex fetchXmls and CustomAPIs. For this blog I'll talk only about fetching data, but my solution works also for calling CustomAPIs. For fetching data, the requitement is similar with the one... Continue Reading →

Power Apps Grid Control – First Glimpse to the Cell Renderer and Editors

We've saw the Power Apps grid control (Preview) in the latest Wave Announcements. Each time we hear about great improvements. In Release Wave 1/2022 we've got inline-editing and infinite scrolling. But as we've tried it out, we saw the last parameter which sounded really promising: The description of the parameter was really exciting: Full logical... Continue Reading →

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