Let Your Subgrid Dataset PCF Communicate with the Form

The changes inside a dataset PCF used on a subgrid might influence the other information showed on the Model-Driven Apps Forms. It could influence a counter on a form, or another subgrid which happens to show the same records. Then you need to refresh that controls. But using the Xrm object inside a PCF is... Continue Reading →

Subgrid Dataset PCF: Programmatically Extend Relations

The last blog was about how to programmatically extend a dataset PCF with relations, and how to filter it. The main purpose was to avoid hardcoding WebApi requests. In this blog the story goes on with examples: let's talk about how to use the dataset "linking sdk" to make PCFs for subgrids containing extended relationships... Continue Reading →

Dataset PCF using FluentUI: open record

This is a part of my blog “My Checklist for a Dataset PCF using FluentUI“. What possibilities do we have to open a record and navigate to the form? I can think of three methods: using Navigation.openFormusing Navigation.navigateTo - unsupported (for now?)using dataset.openDatasetItem All of them will work only for the ModelDriven Apps. My favorite... Continue Reading →

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