How To Make Dialogs For Model-Driven Apps Using Custom Pages

This week the Custom Pages were released to public preview: here the official blog. This is a huge step towards having only one app type; not having to decide which App type to choose. But it also means, that we finally get the low-code possibilities right inside the model-driven apps. Aaaand.. we don't have to... Continue Reading →

Single-Component Tabs in Model Driven Forms

Can you believe the featured image is a form? A model-driven form with a PCF on it, and nothing else? Lately I've saw in the docs an excelent article on best practices for model-driven forms: "Design forms for efficiency". Right to the end, there is a part about letting a control expand to the whole... Continue Reading →

Dialog Buttons PCF

In my blog "Transform Forms into Dialogs and more..."  I've described how  it is possible to make dialogs out of standard form customizing using the SDK. In case you want to implement it, you might need some buttons to start the dialog actions. This PCF is about the Dialog Buttons PCF, which tries to implement these buttons. Requirements First, I have to find a name for this... Continue Reading →

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