Hi! My name is Diana Birkelbach and I’m a developer, working at ORBIS AG . Together with the team we develop generic components and accelerators for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.


One of the biggest accomplishments are the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) in Business Applications for 2021.  

You can also find me in the Power Platform Community Forum, where I’m part of the Power Platform Community Super User Program (Appstronaut) 

I started with web development with ASP (VB) in the old days before the .NET was there. For better performance I used a lot of JavaScript and TSQL. Later on I moved to ASP.NET and C#.

I developed for Dynamics 365 from the beginning, starting with the version 1.1 (back then Microsoft CRM). In that old days we had to use triggers on the SQL (since there were no PlugIns, or Callouts as they were called in CRM 3) and starting with CRM 3.0 I worked to our first generic Editable Grid. In CRM 4.0 times I made a new generic and this time pure HTML-based Editable Grid, together with a Core-Library for working with the Dynamics 365. I think it was that time when I started to become “Miss Metadata”, since I tried to work around the performance Issues with Metadata as came up with several solutions for caching it for the client script.

I worked also with Azure (connected to Dynamics 365), but lately I focus on front end development: I love working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript ES6+, Typescript, React & Redux & React Hooks.

I’ve got to know a little about the Power Platform in Spring 2019, and as soon the PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) preview was released, it become my new love. Since then I try to get it to know better, write blogs to help others to understand it. When I have some time , I try to make some open-source PCFs. 

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  1. Hi Diana
    I have been reading your blog for a while now and your knowledge is amazing.
    I don’t know if you can help but I have a web resource I need to either remake into a PCF or update its code so that it will continue to work in the future.
    is this something you might be able to give me some advice on doing?

    1. Thank you for the nice words! 🙂
      If I would need to remake a HTMLWebResource I would go with a PCF. Maybe a lot can be reused. But also a design containing a combination of Custom Pages and PCFs could reduce the complexity while keeping it flexible. But of course it depends on the WebResource and how complex it is.

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