Send In-App Notifications from Custom Pages

In-app notification announcement was very promising. Of course, I had to try it out right away. It's a preview feature, but the docs are already very detailed. We find there how to activate this feature per app and discover a lot of interesting examples on how to send notifications using form scripting. Basically, all we... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Refreshing Custom Pages after an Update

In the last blog I've written about how to make Custom Pages. When you develop more complex Custom Pages you probably have to make changes to the page and play the app to check if it's working accordingly. But then I've got only notifications telling me to refresh to app, but wasn't able to tame... Continue Reading →

Lookup PCF – let’s dive deeper

Lookup PCF ...the second.. this time for real! I had a look how a Lookup PCF works, what I can do with it and what not, how to detect the settings made by the maker, and more.... Even if the most of it is not supported for now, it helps me understand the Lookup role in the PCF-puzzle.

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