Transform Forms into Dialogs and more…

Xrm SDK methods for hiding the header and footer: welcome 🙂 Yesterday I've seen the new SDK methods for hiding the header and footer areas on the form, and the first impression was: WOW! I just had the feeling that I've missed this feature since ever. So I've tried to remember where I've needed this... Continue Reading →

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My Checklist for a Dataset PCF using Fluent UI What I had to take care of, when I've implemented a Dataset PCF using FluentUI (Colorful Opsetionset Grid). #PCF #PowerAppsComponentFramework # PowerApps #Dataset #FluentUI

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All about PCF-Versioning

One of the most common question asked in the Power Apps Pro Dev Community Forum is about the PCF version. In some cases, the PCF doesn't seem to get updated, which creates a lot of frustration. So here is everything I know (until now) about this. PCF Version First things first. What is the PCF... Continue Reading →

PCF Debugging

Let's suppose you have the debug version of your PCF uploaded in your environment. How do you debug? Of course we don't want to use minimized code. To get the debug version of the code we have a few ways Use the debug Harness by using "npm start watch"Using Fiddler AutoResponder, as shown in my... Continue Reading →

Dialog Buttons PCF

In my blog "Transform Forms into Dialogs and more..."  I've described how  it is possible to make dialogs out of standard form customizing using the SDK. In case you want to implement it, you might need some buttons to start the dialog actions. This PCF is about the Dialog Buttons PCF, which tries to implement these buttons. Requirements First, I have to find a name for this... Continue Reading →

Dataset PCF using FluentUI: open record

This is a part of my blog “My Checklist for a Dataset PCF using FluentUI“. What possibilities do we have to open a record and navigate to the form? I can think of three methods: using Navigation.openFormusing Navigation.navigateTo - unsupported (for now?)using dataset.openDatasetItem All of them will work only for the ModelDriven Apps. My favorite... Continue Reading →

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