Issue with the PCF Navigation API

When we write react PCF controls, we are used to pass callbacks to the components. Some of this functions who might be passed, are the (context.navigation methods). Recently we had the feeling that it suddenly stopped working (ok, we used the context.navigation.navigateTo, which is not supported, so at first we thought it's our fault). But... Continue Reading →

My story behind becoming a Microsoft MVP

This blog won't be a technical one. But while getting ready for my first MVPSummit, I've thought it's the right time to review my path. Who am I? My close friends knows that I don't really enjoy the spotlight. I'm the quiet type, and prefer to let the results speaking for me. I'm not a... Continue Reading →

PCF Debugging

Let's suppose you have the debug version of your PCF uploaded in your environment. How do you debug? Of course we don't want to use minimized code. To get the debug version of the code we have a few ways Use the debug Harness by using "npm start watch"Using Fiddler AutoResponder, as shown in my... Continue Reading →

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