FluentUI granular imports

Microsoft FluentUI (the ex Office UI Fabric) is often used to develop PCF components, since the controls have a very similar look and feel with the out of the box controls. But take care how you import it in your modules! Some examples in the documentation are importing the controls like this: Of course, there... Continue Reading →

Features of a Dataset PCF – Extensibility

This is the second part of my blog about the dataset PCF features. The other ones are: Seamless integration, Multiple datasets Dataset <property-set> A dataset PCF has another nice feature: allows you to define properties inside the dataset. This attribute doesn't have to be in the view itself, the framework will add this attribute at... Continue Reading →

Can PCFs communicate?

A PCF component is isolated in a sandbox. It gets a piece of the document (a div) where it can play, and it's allowed to report when the value(s) changed. That's it. I totally understand that the components has to be in "isolation", but what if they need to "tell" more? Platform way: Communication through... Continue Reading →

PCF: getOutputs

The getOutputs method of the PCF components seems pretty self-explaining: (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/developer/component-framework/reference/control/getoutputs) It is called by the framework prior to a component receiving the new data. Returns an object based on nomenclature defined in manifest, expecting objects[s] for the property marked as bound or output. I was a little unsure about the possibility of PCF components to set the... Continue Reading →

PCF: Caching

When writing PCF components, the Framework already provides the metadata for the component and the properties defined in the manifest. For instance for an OptionSet control, we get all the available options. And that's already a great advantage compared with a plain HTMLWebResource. But sometimes that's not enough. Maybe you need related data that won't... Continue Reading →

PCF: When is updateView called?

When we have a PCF component, it's important to know when updateView will be called, in order to take care about performance. So when is updateView called? In the documentation is stated: "This method will be called when any value in the property bag has changed. This includes field values, data-sets, global values such as... Continue Reading →

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